“Cello Health has been an important strategic partner for us, both to investigate future pathways for development of a novel molecule and in order to place a clinical candidate in a competitive landscape. Working with Cello Health has been stimulating and they have delivered deep and thorough analyses that we would have been stretched to perform ourselves. Importantly, Cello Health comes with a reputation of quality, which has been important for us when communicating around our projects. I am sure we will use them again as we continue to grow as a company.”

David Liberg, PhD, VP Cancer Research, Cantargia AB

“We have engaged Defined Health on a number of projects over the past several years and view Jeff Bockman and the oncology team as true strategic partners. Their deep understanding of the science and evolving landscape across a breadth of indications, technologies and treatment modalities is impressive and allows the DH team to provide high quality scientific and business analyses and valuable strategic insights. We also greatly appreciate their sensitivity to timeline and budget.”

John Scarlett, CEO, Geron

“There’s no team better than Defined Health when it comes to keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving immuno-oncology market. Through their years of experience and extensive network, they are extremely plugged into the latest trends both from a company and physician thought leader perspective. They are my go to agency when it comes to strategic analysis because they understand not only the clinical and scientific strategy side of the business but also the business and deal making aspects. Through Defined Health, we have had the chance to work with the top Thought Leaders and these relationships continue to help us as we grow our company.”

James Barlow, VP, Commercial & BD Geneos

“Defined Health has demonstrated a wide view with the exceptional breadth necessary to understand context in the current immuno-oncology space, but, at the same time, have shown themselves capable of exceptionally deep analysis of both the scientific and business landscapes of specific areas of high interest.”

Michael Curran, MD Anderson

“Both the talent and strategy in immuno-oncology at Defined Health have produced a unique ability to quickly frame realities, opportunities, values, and strategies for large and small players in IO.  Their reach across the industry is second to none, including the large pharmas, critical biotechs, KOLs, and Street players.  The team has provided invaluable analysis, advice, and strategic assistance to many of my clients and colleagues, with durability and real long-term attention.”

Llew Keltner, Epistat