Immuno-Oncology Partnering: Tipping Point or Tip of the Iceberg?


  • Jeffrey M. Bockman, PhD, Executive Vice President, Head of Oncology Practice, Defined Health

Deal-making in the Immuno-Oncology (IO) space has been intense over the past two years. As first movers strategically took on more targets and modalities to broaden and deepen their pipelines (including numerous collaborations), follow-on players ventured out into new platforms, and those on the sidelines started to be compelled to participate placing early bets in potentially next wave therapies. With any stumble, pundits proclaim the bubble is about to burst, and yet with more data, some of it only incremental but much quite meaningful, the so-called frenzy becomes reinvigorated. This talk will look at the analytics around deals and pipeline, providing Defined Health’s perspective on IO strategies: what is driving deals, such as franchise and/or MOA synergies; what are late entry follow-on (“me, too’s”) companies doing to potentially compete; what are the hot new areas? Finally, what can the partnering in IO tell us about the state of the industry?