The Bold New Player in Cancer: How Chinese Biotechs Are Fueling the Oncology Space

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James T. Lee, PhD, Associate Principal, Cello Health BioConsulting, Previoulsy Defined Health


  • Brad Loncar, Chief Executive Officer, Loncar Investments LLC
  • Guillaume Vignon, PhD, Senior Vice President Business Development, BeiGene
  • Weimin Tang, PhD, Global Business Head and Executive VP, I-Mab BioPharma

New challenges and opportunities exist for Chinese biopharma as they gain approvals in China and globally. Dealmaking trends in China with the West has shown a predominant focus on oncology and in 2019 immuno-oncology dealmaking represented >50% of oncology deals for the first time. Interestingly, the opposite trending was seen with Western dealmaking suggesting Chinese biopharma may be propping up the existing interests in immuno-oncology. Could this be the beginning of China biopharma dominance in oncology? How are investments in oncology going to change in the future and will China be at the center of it?