Dynamics of Chinese Biotech Investments: Reshaping the Global Competitive Landscape


  • James T. Lee, PhD, Associate Principal, Cello Health BioConsulting, previously Defined Health


  • Brad Loncar, Chief Executive Officer, Loncar Investments LLC
  • Guillaume Vignon, PhD, Senior Vice President, Business Development, BeiGene
  • Jonathan Wang, MBA, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Development, Zai Lab

Propelled by recent changes in the regulatory and funding environments for both public and private companies, and with the goal for China to be a global leader in innovative therapeutics by 2020, China is gradually becoming a hotbed for licensing and partnering deals, both domestically and globally. The push towards innovative therapeutics has led to an explosion of well-funded licensing and partnering deals by both Chinese pharma/biotech and Chinese investors. As a result, many early stage ex-China pharma/biotech are also looking towards China for collaborations and financing. While the increase in Chinese capital investments and deals portends an exciting future for biotech as a whole, the recent downswing of HKEX biotech stocks suggests the need for better scrutiny of early development stage assets in terms of scientific merit, clinical utility, and global regulatory, clinical, commercial and payer access.