Market Access Strategy

Market Access Strategy

    • At Defined Health, now known as Cello Health BioConsulting, we recognize that a product’s success is inextricably linked to a well-executed market access strategy. We also believe in the tremendous importance of developing this strategy early and injecting payer insights on pricing and reimbursement into key decision points throughout a product or platform’s development – from pre-proof of concept to launch.


    • We know that the payer landscape is far from static. Longstanding approaches such as unit-based pricing are slowly giving way to pay for performance or risk sharing models as insurers and PBMs rapidly evolve to keep pace with continued industry advances (e.g., in Advanced Therapeutics and Oncology). We also know that the consulting landscape has blossomed with dozens of payer-oriented firms as well as established consulting firms with new payer capabilities.


    • Cello Health BioConsulting’s approach to market access strategy is different. As a company strategically focused on early (often pre-POC) biotech clients and firmly rooted in deep scientific knowledge across the therapeutic landscape, we are uniquely suited to understand the challenges our clients face as they aim to inflect maximum value at each stage of development. This means coupling our critical evaluations of scientific, commercial, and strategic issues with a robust analysis of the market access environment to provide relevant and actionable recommendations that ensure a product will be viewed as both differentiated and valuable to physicians and payers.


  • Our payer and market access offerings come in many forms, which we tailor to meet client needs. Services include landscape assessments, value proposition development, positioning, and validation, pricing strategy, and value-based pricing models. To support these efforts, we have developed an extensive network of well-vetted, thoughtful, and forward-thinking key stakeholders including health economic experts, medical and pharmacy directors of national and regional MCOs and PBMs, and hospital pharmacy directors. We challenge ourselves and our payer advisors to critically evaluate the current issues at hand, while constantly keeping the potential future landscape within perspective.

Payer Advisory Board

    • Cello Health BioConsulting also has access to our own payer Advisory Board, a carefully curated group of experts who provide ongoing and up-to-date information on key, emerging trends in this evolving space. We regularly engage with these experts to pressure-test our findings and for insights into key strategic business questions our clients face. These advisors also lead professional development and training sessions to ensure that our staff is well ahead of the curve on all relevant activity and changes in the space and most importantly, how those changes impact our clients’ needs and business objectives.