Early Stage Strategy

Early Stage Strategy

Early Strategic Focus Can Drive Significant Value Prior to Traditional Inflection Milestones

Early Strategic Decisions Minimize Risk and Drive Value

Cello Health BioConsulting advises and supports early-stage biotech companies at the point in which strategic considerations can be profound value drivers for core/platform assets, clinical programs and the company overall.

Platform Development
Pure Science, No Matter How Spectacular, Requires Early-Stage Strategy to Manage Risk and Drive Valuation

There is inherent value in early science or platform technology that promises to generate multiple clinical programs, often targeting a ranging of opportunities from large patient groups with an established SOC to orphan populations with high unmet need.

The decision to enter the clinic and how is of paramount importance as cash burn and risk increase exponentially.
Strategic vision/thinking needs to see the product through to the market, not just to a partnering event mid-stage, to drive valuation and create optionality for the company.



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