Cancer Progress Revisited: Making Sense and Cents of IO Combos and their Value


  • Joel S. Sandler, PhD, Associate Principal, Defined Health
  • James T. Lee, PhD, Senior Consultant, Defined Health


  • Roger Longman, CEO, Real Endpoints
  • Kapil Dhingra, MBBS, President, KAPital Consulting

On March 7-8th, Defined Health convened its 28th annual Cancer Progress meeting in New York City.  Each year this 2-day event features a unique cross-section of stakeholders (industry, investors, policymakers, nonprofits) in a series of provocative panels that collectively aim to identify and further elucidate many of the issues at the forefront of oncology therapeutics.  

This webinar will revisit some of the key themes that arose throughout the conference and seem to be top of mind for many of us these days such as:

  • Emerging IO modalities & combinations: Which candidates will have impact, and for whom?
  • Perceived value: Who will pay for different regimens, and why?
  • Strategic implications: How to carve out a successful positioning strategy within this context?