We help establish benefit and drive therapeutic value for our clients’ development-stage assets: compounds, portfolios and platforms

Cello Health BioConsulting has three core lines of business:

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CH BioConsulting brings a sophisticated and current understanding of the science, which is critical to understanding the potential value of a drug/platform and its differentiation from the future competition, and helps the client translate that value to investors, partners and payers.

Strategic Focus on Value Creation for Early-Stage Biotech

  • Asset and/or platform value is created over the course of drug discovery and development as various technical, clinical and regulatory hurdles are cleared (and the investment is de-risked).
  • While commercial risk won’t be directly faced until the product is launched, numerous factors that influence that risk (e.g., best indication, optimal target product profile, market access strategy) can and should be considered at a point in development when strategic decisions can be made to influence the ultimate performance of the product.
  • Companies that do not adequately address strategic and commercial issues at an early point in development may not maximize asset value, even if scientific and clinical success is achieved.
  • Defined Health/CHBC advises and supports early-stage biotech companies at the point in which strategic considerations (e.g., indication selection, partnering options and commercial value, a compelling access argument to support pricing and reimbursement) can be profound value drivers. This point is typically pre-Phase 2 and often is as early as pre-clinical. These strategic considerations are particularly important for early stage biotech companies that are on a short time frame to create value prior to their next financing round and a high cost of capital.

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